We need

Escribí esta reflexión para mi clase de inglés el 1 de marzo de 2016:

We need readers, we need people interested in our books, in our authors, in our stories.

Let’s look at how marketing attracts consumers and we will make these techniques serve for more than just to buy products.

Emotional marketing. Have you heard of this trend of marketing? Thus, grosso-mode, is the way in which emotions influence the result of consumer buying.

What we know about the history of a product, but rather of those who create or sell that product, i.e., how does that we want to buy it. We will always choose to buy someone we know.

Well, what if we move that to libraries? What if we present books in social networks with the history that is behind? And when was it written? What significance did at the time? What happened with the author?

Perhaps readers begin to take interest in the book or the author in question and they find their favorite book, their favorite author and come to the library to look for it.